A book to oven bake

Talking Ceramics I

The oven plays a major role in the ceramic process. Ceramicists can spend weeks preparing their object yet when it finally goes into the oven all control is taken out of their hands. Even the most experienced can open the oven after a weekend of firing to find disaster.

Capturing this excitement, anxiety and surprise, the reader must bake the initially white book in an oven until it transforms to black and reveals the cover design.

Taking Ceramics I discusses the topic of mistakes with numerous of the European Centre of Ceramics’ (EKWC) past artists-in-residence. The book’s layout plays with this fragility, splitting Dutch and English texts over pages and positioning content precariously close to edges.

The special edition emphasises this theme further with its 1mm thick porcelain front cover. Inevitably, whether through the sheer weight of other books or mishandling the cover will crack. Consequently, the reader, like the ceramicist learns to accept and appreciate the beauty of mistakes.

The EKWC has been a prominent centre for experimentation in ceramics for almost 50 years and has a vast array of previous artists-in-residence who have pioneered this material.